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Unlocking pathways to exciting careers in critical industries

Strata has announced the release of a video it helped create for “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid,” a new documentary piece titled “Opportunities for Young People in Critical Industries.” The video showcases the incredible career possibilities available in the tunneling and underground construction industry.

With support from the engineers managing the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion project in Virginia, USA, Strata had the chance to convey an important message: young people don’t have to limit themselves to “tech” companies to pursue a technical career. Today, critical industries such as tunnel construction, road construction, mining and maritime are utilizing some of the most advanced technology available.

“We are witnessing a significant transformation in these fields, with leading-edge technologies being deployed for safety, communications, project management, and more. The career opportunities available now are far different from what they were even a few years ago,” said Strata in a statement.

“We believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce that will drive innovation and shape the future.”

Visit the Viewpoint website here to watch the documentary.

Stata is also celebrating its 30th anniversary and has developed a microsite where readers can see the projects and progress that has transpired in the industry over the years here.

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