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Unlock the Secrets to Successful Slurry Valves with DeZURIK


Why is DeZURIK’s KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valve the outstanding choice for slurry applications? Applications that include light, medium and heavy erosive or corrosive slurries? The answer is DeZURIK’s engineered design difference.

DeZURIK’s KUL valve is designed for bi-directional isolation with a maximum line pressure differential of 150 psi or 250 psi in sizes 2-48”.

The urethane liner is the heart of the valve. Polyurethane is incredibly durable yet also resilient. Urethane provides resistance to repeated impact, abrasion, chemicals and heat – making it an ideal liner for demanding applications. It is used to line heavy haulers, screens, pipes, pumps, and of course valves.

The urethane liner in DeZURIK’s KUL valve is molded to the valve body casting.  Extensive testing has demonstrated that a bonded urethane liner in a one-piece cast body is the superior solution. The urethane adheres to the metal with a bond that is often stronger than the urethane itself.

The difference between bonded liners and non-bonded, replaceable liners is in the long-term performance. The bonded liner has been proven superior in a wide variety of independent tests.

A replaceable liner sounds like a good idea until the Total Cost of Ownership is calculated. In most applications it is difficult to predict wear on the liner. Due to production pressures, most isolation valves are operated until failure. A replaceable liner will typically wear through and damage the body before the failure is recognized. This makes replacing the liner an impractical feature. The selection of a bonded-liner valve design, with superior performance and longevity, provides lower cost of ownership.

The KUL has a one-piece, cast body that provides the structural soundness required to perform reliably and safely when pipe stresses are present. The one-piece body of the KUL eliminates a potential leak path inherently designed into split-body valves. The KUL body completely contains the media within the valve. No body gasket nor leak path exists within the KUL one-piece, bonded liner valve.

The superior DeZURIK design allows the KUL valve to be rated for bi-directional isolation and dead-end service through 250 psi. Most competitive-style valves are not able to meet this pressure rating.

The one-piece body is completely sealed, unlike push-through style slurry valves. The KUL valve provides zero leakage of media to the atmosphere. Keeping media in the pipeline increases efficiency and safety for the facility and personnel.

The gate provides superior performance in abrasive slurries. DeZURIK’s proven rounded, finish-ground gate increases packing and seat life. Gate design impacts liner thickness and width affecting the overall performance of the lined knife gate valve. When unsuspended solids are present, or in high slurry concentrations, the gate needs to displace media during closing. If the gate is too thick, it will not allow proper flushing which can cause closure issues and excessive wear. A thicker gate also reduces liner material between flanges in order to maintain standard face-to-face dimensions. By engineering the optimum seat-and-gate engagement of the KUL valve, maximum structure support can be maintained while adhering to standard MSS-SP81 dimensional specifications.

DeZUIRK offers a variety of proven, successful packing systems. In addition to standard packing arrangements, two live-loaded, self-adjusting sealing systems are available. These self-adjusting packing systems have multiple sealing contact points and require far less maintenance, making them ideal for high-cycle applications as well as remote, difficult-to-access locations.

DeZURIK’s KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valve is engineered to provide maximum performance in the toughest slurry valve applications. The secret to successful slurry valve applications includes a premium, bonded urethane liner; a one-piece cast body with no discharge to the atmosphere; a finished ground gate with flushing action of complete sealing; and a self-adjusting packing system for minimal adjustments. When evaluating the total cost of ownership, the DeZURIK KUL Urethane-Lined Knife Gate Valves provide the best long-term performance.

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