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Gateway Development Commission awards contracts for Tonnelle Ave. Bridge and Utility Relocation Project

Newark/New York – The Gateway Development Commission (GDC) made its first direct contract awards Sept. 11: two contracts for construction and construction management services on the Tonnelle Avenue Bridge and Utility Relocation Project.

This critical early work package of the Hudson Tunnel Project (HTP) will be the first construction on the project in New Jersey and is expected to begin this fall. Construction is also expected to begin this year in New York on the Hudson Yards Concrete Casing-Section 3. 

Following a publicly advertised bidding process, Naik Consulting Group, P.C. will provide expert professional construction management and related technical services for the Tonnelle Avenue Bridge and Utility Relocation Project, while Conti Civil, LLC will be responsible for construction of the project.

The Tonnelle Avenue Bridge and Utility Relocation Project involves the relocation of utilities and the construction of a new roadway bridge for Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen, NJ. The new roadway bridge will be located immediately above a new future railroad right-of-way, which will allow for a connection to the new tunnel portal at the western slope of the New Jersey Palisades. It will also provide construction access between the staging sites on either side of Tonnelle Avenue.

With the GDC board’s action on the Tonnelle Avenue Bridge and Utility Relocation Project, five out of nine contemplated Hudson Tunnel Project packages will be in procurement or construction by October 2023.

“The Gateway Development Commission’s first contract awards mark yet another pivotal milestone for the most important infrastructure project in the country,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. “These awards signify, unequivocally, that Gateway is continuing to charge full-steam ahead, advancing far further than any of its predecessor projects abandoned by previous administrations. By breaking ground on the crucial Tonnelle Avenue project later this year, we build upon that momentum and the synergies we have forged between our partners in Washington and across the Hudson.”

“The Hudson Tunnel Project is moving rapidly to construction,” said Alicia Glen, NY Commissioner and GDC co-chair. “With today’s actions, GDC is making the first major contractual commitments to building the tunnel. Once this works starts, we expect that there will be no stopping the most urgent infrastructure project in the nation.”

Balpreet Grewal-Virk, NJ Commissioner and GDC co-chair, said: “We are proud to take significant actions today to keep moving the Hudson Tunnel Project forward and see work start this year. Govs. Murphy and Hochul have made it abundantly clear that their priority is construction on the tunnel, and today we are taking a major step in meeting their mandate.” 

Anthony Coscia, Amtrak Commissioner and GDC vice-chair, said: “We are very grateful to the Biden Administration, Majority Leader Schumer and our entire Congressional delegation for their partnership in ensuring that the Tonnelle Avenue Project is funded and built. This first piece of Hudson Tunnel Project work in New Jersey, combined with the Hudson Yards Concrete Casing-Section 3 starting work in New York, means GDC and its partners are meeting our commitment to start work on both sides of the Hudson River this year.”  

In addition to its progress on Tonnelle Ave. construction, the board passed a series of resolutions concerning: 

                A Market Case Estimate of $47.3M for the Tonnelle Avenue project, including all final negotiated costs and contingencies related to the project’s construction and delivery, and authorizing the execution of construction funding agreements with project partners;

                A Supporting or Executing Partner Agreement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for services in support of the tunneling and heavy civil work of the HTP;

                Labor Agreements between GDC and labor unions undertaking work on the Hudson River Ground Stabilization Project;

                A stipend program to support the Manhattan Tunnel Project procurement process; and

                Appointment of Robert Hickman to serve as Chief Administrative and Legislative Officer of the Gateway Development Commission.

Read more about the Gateway Program and see videos of the work here

Image courtesy of Gateway Program. The Portal Bridge is a railroad bridge over the Hackensack River in northeastern New Jersey, United States, just west of Secaucus Junction. It is a two-track, moveable swing-span between the towns of Kearny and Secaucus owned and operated by Amtrak as part of the Northeast Corridor and also used by New Jersey Transit.

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