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Finalists named for the 9th Edition of ITA Tunnelling Awards

The International and Underground Space Association (ITA) has announced the finalists for its 9th Edition of the ITA Tunnelling Awards. The awards will presented on Nov. 24, 2023, in Mumbai, India, during of the Tunnelling Asia Conference 2023 organized by the Tunnelling Association of India (TAI).

Since 2015, this international competition seeks and rewards remarkable achievements in tunneling and the underground industry. The event both showcases the most ambitious underground projects all over the world as well as the latest innovations, techniques and methods in tunneling.

Arnold Dix, President of the ITA, praised the quality of the award-winning projects, underlining that “The Tunnelling Awards is a celebration of the great milestones and the great innovations achieved. It also highlights the contributions made to our planet and people. Last year, 70 nominations from almost 20 countries have been considered by a panel of independently select judges. The ceremony today rewards the best in our industry, from the largest projects on earth right through to the latest innovations and productions. These amazing achievements can be enjoyed today.”


Major Project of the Year (More than €500 million)

  • EOLE – Paris East-West Rail Express Link (France)
  • Nanjing Yanziji Yangtze River Tunnel (China)
  • Qinling Mount Water Conveyance Tunnel of Hanjiang River to Weihe River Water Diversion Project (China)

Project of the year (Between €50 million AND €500 million)

  • Comprehensive Project of Shenzhen Binhai Avenue (Headquarters Base Section) Coastal Wide Underground Space (China)
  • Jinan Jiluo Road Yellow River Tunnel (China)
  • Sociedad Concesionaria Vespucio Oriente (AVO1) (Chile)

Project of the year including renovation (up to €50 million)

  • Mount Royal Tunnel – Double Arch Replacement & Rehabilitation for the REM Project (Canada)
  • Northern Cross-Over of Shiraz Subway Line-2 (Iran)
  • Reclamation of Complex Geological Wastewater TBM Tunnel under Macau Guia Circuit (China)

Technical innovation of the year  

  • Application of Intelligent Construction Technology in Large Diameter TBM Tunnel (China)
  • Building Blocks in a Foundation Pit ——Prefabrication and Assembly Construction Technology for Metro Stations (China)
  • Riverlinx Silvertown Tunnel – TBM Launch and Rotation (United Kingdom)
  • Technology of Controlling Large Deformation of Soft Rock by Prestressed Anchor Cable in Extra-long Mountain Tunnel (China)

Beyond Engineering

  • Digital Construction Facilitates High-quality Development of Engineering (China)
  • Permanent Sprayed Concrete Linings on Mumbai Metro Line 3 Sahar Road Crossover Cavern (India)
  • Risk Management Technology and Application of Large Diameter Slurry Shield Crossing the Yellow River (China)

Product/equipment innovation of the year

  • Automated Control Survey for Small Diameter with Limited Accessibility (Germany)
  • AVN 800 HR – MTBM for Microtunnelling in Hard Rock (Germany)
  • Hard Rock Shield + Earth Pressure + Slurry Three-mode TBM (China)
  • Tunnel Intelligent Comprehensive Inspection Equipment (China)

Young tunneller of the year

  • Arjun Raja Shivasami (Australia)
  • Claudio David Cabral Dias (Portugal)
  • Massimiliano Terenzi (Italy)
  • Ricardo Manias (United Kingdom)
  • Russell Connors (Australia)

Photo credit: Ile de France

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