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ACCIONA begins excavation of the Sydney Western Harbour Tunnel Stage 2

  • The first roadheader has left the Cammeray area for the Warringah Freeway, where it will start excavating the twin mainline tunnels.
  • ACCIONA has started excavating the second phase of the Western Harbour Tunnel.
  • The first roadheader working on the project has left the Cammeray construction site heading towards the Warringah Highway – creating a temporary access tunnel under the road reserve. From this point, excavation of the twin mainline tunnels will begin, continuing south under the highway towards Ridge Street, North Sydney.
  • ACCIONA will use a total of 10 roadheaders with a height of 5 meters, a width of 4.5 meters and weighing over 100 tonnes to start tunnel excavation on the north side of the Harbour.
  • The construction of Sydney’s Western Harbour Tunnel is an important part of creating an integrated road and public transport network, which aims to transform the mobility of people and goods to meet the growing needs of an ever-expanding city.

    Positive impact
  • ACCIONA’s contribution to the innovative design of the Western Harbour Tunnel is based on a focus on finding more sustainable solutions in the design and construction of infrastructure, which will continue during the tunnel’s excavation. 
  • ACCIONA has designed and constructed more than 600 kilometers of urban road and rail tunnels worldwide. Being part of the Western Harbour Tunnel project is not only momentous for the business in Australia, but it will be globally recognized for an infrastructure solution that is technologically advanced, improves the construction experience for local communities, optimises environmental performance and delivers better value for the people of NSW.
  • ACCIONA was awarded the design and construction contract for the second phase of this project in December 2022.  The total budget is AU$4.24 billion (€2.76 billion) and the construction period is approximately five years.
  • The section awarded to ACCIONA runs from Birchgrove –connecting to the Warringah Freeway near North Sydney, passing under Sydney Harbour.
  • The Western Harbour Tunnel will join other ACCIONA projects in Australia, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Anzac Bridge and the WestConnex M4-M5 link tunnels.

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